Where did September go?

Apart from a few Mondays, time seems to be going really fast. I still haven't sorted out photos from our Highway 1 road trip and that happened a month ago. I will do it. Any day now. Maybe this year.

What have I been up to?

- I had a make-up class at my professor's house with dinner and wine. The house had the most amazing view. I also felt bad for the Uber driver for having them drive up the hill. Poor car.

- I met most of the LLM students when one of them organised a garden party in their back yard.

- I went to a BBQ in another professor's house (this is a strange country). After that, we went to see the UC Berkeley campus. That was a strange world.

- I turned 25. I feel no wiser.

- I took advantage of the free admission for the Academy of Sciences and went a bit Snapchat crazy for a day.

- I spent a lot of time in the library. I'm here right now. This is my new home.