I was meant to write when I spent five months in Nottingham but obviously that didn't happen. Let's try this again, shall we.

After a nice 11-hour flight where there was definitely not enough food, I arrived in San Francisco. Next four months are most likely to be filled with me studying, writing my thesis, and avoiding doing the first two. I am embarking in to the world of American law school in UC Hastings and trying to survive their use of the Socratic method.

My first experience after the plane landed was to queue in immigration for two hours. Luckily there is not a better time to listen to audiobooks and wonder if someone is going to pass out from the lack of sleep. The nice immigration person deemed me non-dangerous and let me enter the country. (Finding out that my suitcase had broken during the flight left me torn. Yay for travel insurance, cri for losing a companion of more than 8 years.)

Then I took an Uber to my new residence, unpacked, said hello to my new roommate, went to bed at 11pm. All very important and noteworthy stuff.