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This is starting to feel like an actual university: So. Much. Reading. Okay, not even that much. But when for every class one has to read and understand ~50 pages of more or less legal text, it starts to feel like much.

For some weird reason I do enjoy this. Life seems very structured in a way: wake up, go to lectures, have lunch, more lectures, go to library, go home, sleep. And the more I'm going through this routine, the easier it seems.

(Remind me of this when the exams start and I turn into a stress ball.)

So, orientation week has been fun. There has been 176 different briefings on different matters, campus bingo, free ice cream, breakfasts, and lunches. This place seems to love bagels. I love free food. However, we have been told the flow of free food will not last forever. I guess that is how they lure us in.

Before flying, at least one person told me to never go to the Tenderloin district. Naturally, Tenderloin district falls right between our student residence and our university, and the university actually is located in the district. Based on these few days, I will avoid wandering around during night time. The street I'm taking to university is fine during the day though. (I do know that not all my mates agree with this.)

Next week is going to be the first week of lectures. We were kindly informed that in addition to the professors using the Socrates method, they usually like to ask exchange students a lot of questions. When I was studying in Germany, the most frequently asked …

I was meant to write when I spent five months in Nottingham but obviously that didn't happen. Let's try this again, shall we.

After a nice 11-hour flight where there was definitely not enough food, I arrived in San Francisco. Next four months are most likely to be filled with me studying, writing my thesis, and avoiding doing the first two. I am embarking in to the world of American law school in UC Hastings and trying to survive their use of the Socratic method.

My first experience after the plane landed was to queue in immigration for two hours. Luckily there is not a better time to listen to audiobooks and wonder if someone is going to pass out from the lack of sleep. The nice immigration person deemed me non-dangerous and let me enter the country. (Finding out that my suitcase had broken during the flight left me torn. Yay for travel insurance, cri for losing a companion of more than 8 years.)

Then I took an Uber to my new residence, unpacked, said hello to my new ro…