Today, I watched through the library window how a police patrol told people sitting on the sidewalk to scatter.

The San Francisco Police Code actually forbids sitting and lying on the public sidewalks between 7 am and 11 pm.

I feel so safe now.

Maybe the police could next to something about the drug deals and robberies happening on the same block.
After seeing the admission fees of the museums in San Francisco, I made a list of all the free admission days they have to offer. Since a few different places have decided that the first Tuesday of the month is a good day for free admission, that meant I got up early (okay okay earlier than I would otherwise have) on the first Tuesday in October and took a bus to see what de Young has to offer.

Some poor fellows already know what it had to offer when they got hit by a wave of my snaps. My apologies for that.

De Young is one of the best museums I have been to. I have no idea how to describe the style but their website states it is a contemporary art museum. So let's go with that. De Young seemed to have everything from everywhere, and from every decade.

My personal favourites where the collection of Native American art, the (creepy) collection of African masks, and the special exhibition on Weapons of Mass Seduction: The Art of Propaganda.

I'm really struggling with how to add p…
Where did September go?

Apart from a few Mondays, time seems to be going really fast. I still haven't sorted out photos from our Highway 1 road trip and that happened a month ago. I will do it. Any day now. Maybe this year.

What have I been up to?

- I had a make-up class at my professor's house with dinner and wine. The house had the most amazing view. I also felt bad for the Uber driver for having them drive up the hill. Poor car.

- I met most of the LLM students when one of them organised a garden party in their back yard.

- I went to a BBQ in another professor's house (this is a strange country). After that, we went to see the UC Berkeley campus. That was a strange world.

- I turned 25. I feel no wiser.

- I took advantage of the free admission for the Academy of Sciences and went a bit Snapchat crazy for a day.

- I spent a lot of time in the library. I'm here right now. This is my new home.